The Universe and Women…

JD Salinger quote



I found this very profound for some reason.

So much that I felt compelled to share.

I feel like most women, and even most men, desire to have someone feel the way that this person felt looking at that woman. What a way to describe something so simple as a person standing there.

He truly holds this woman in a high regard.

She obviously has a confidence that attracts him…
It just shows how truly important confidence can be.

What an alluring quote, what an alluring quality, confidence.

I lack it in abundance.
I wish I was more confident, I would love to be able to carry myself in such a manner and have such a presence that dictates this type of reaction.

Confidence for me feels foreign, like me trying to model haute couture.


I am working on my confidence. Fixing my inner voice to be more positive.
Telling myself I deserve to think better, and realize I am worth it.

My goal is to have my man feel this way about me.

It is a work in progress







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