Finding Focus and making time…

I have been “blogging” my whole life if you include my journals/diaries.
I have been documenting life events and such online forever as well.
There has been nothing consistent or conducive to gain a following.

I have been slacking with my writing. Not for lack of want. I love writing.
Moreso lack of motivation, and just not knowing what to write about. Everytime I would try to write it would be totally random, or a bit too deep. Nothing stuck. I have 18 drafts if that tells ya anything.


So I have been sitting, thinking, and coming up with a niche. It is difficult when there is so much I want to talk about. I tend to ramble and my blog is way to random.



But I think I have found something tangible to actually focus on with my blog.

I will of course still discuss other things but it is time to be disciplined and focus.

So I am going to set a schedule to blog. I am going to make sure the entries are something worthy of reading and hopefully that will get some buzz going around this.

I feel that if done right I could have something here.

Might keep the layout, might change it, we shall see. Going to probably dust off some of my drafts and publish them. But I know I will be writing more, that is a definite.

So if you actually read this, thank you, and stay tuned…










    • Thanks and I will. I am in the middle of a block though. Ideas come and go but when I try to write I get stuck. I have a feeling the floodgates are going to open soon. I have been revisiting my old blogs for inspiration and that seems to be creating some spark.

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