I was probably around 6 or 7.
I remember there was this movie Purple Rain and there was this guy my mother was really into named Prince. I remember watching the movie and loving it at that age. I remember having to cover my eyes at certain parts, and peeking through my fingers, haha.

My mother had his records in heavy rotation. Every time I hear anything of his from the early 80’s it takes me back to my bedroom and hearing the music come through the vents as my mother played Prince down in the basement while I was falling asleep.

I remember my mother going to see him in concert and coming back telling me about it and how someone who went to the concert with her caught the towel he threw.

I remember being attracted to him.
I thought he was amazing.
As I got older and began to understand him, and his music the admiration and appreciation for him grew.
I loved the song Kiss. I remember dancing around to Raspberry Beret. Little Red Corvette, I could keep going, but I won’t.

When I became a teen I revisited his old stuff and listened with a more mature ear and loved it.

Anything he released I bought.

My best friend and I would dance and listen to Prince constantly.
I cannot hear Get Off, or any Prince song really, without thinking of her, us, being teens, having a blast dancing and singing along.

I remember being in 11th grade and making out (with my current man actually) to Prince. It was funny, because one time another one of my best friends was there, so he and I had not intended on making out, because it was rude, but we couldn’t help it. I still feel bad about that.  Let’s Go Crazy is a reminder of that night.

I remember being able to finally go see him in concert when he came here to Grand Rapids, and how excited I was. It was amazing. I am so glad I was able to go!

He was part of my sexual awakening. I may have been way too young to know what was going on when I “covered my eyes” during Purple Rain, or understood what he was talking about in a lot of his songs when I was younger, but it stirred something inside of me. He stirred something inside of me.

He gave me a boost of confidence, helped me be comfortable in my own skin.
His song P. Control is a great example of empowerment, no matter the brash title.

The man was a musical genius. A master of his craft. His voice, the fact he played so many instruments. He truly is one of a kind.


Prince is woven so seamlessly into my life that I didn’t realize how much until he passed.


It is so interesting when a celebrity passes that was such an integral part of our lives.
You feel it as though it was a close friend or family member.
This one hurts, a lot.


His music, his talent, influence, and his legacy are eternal.

There will never be another.






This is the only tribute that I saw that was even close to something worthy of posting.








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