My inner boss b#tch

So, thanks to Buzzfeed on Snapchat Discover I had a revelation.

I am a boss b#tch!

So in usual Buzzfeed fashion they accumulated an awesome list.

This time it was “22 Things Only a Boss Bitch Will Understand

I read this and was like “WHOA!” These are all me!!

omg shocked oh my god tv abc






I just have dialed it back a notch and have become this strangely mixed combination of self doubt, insecurity and wanting to bust at the seams to prove my worth.
I think I wanted to be “liked” for so long that I watered down who I am and let go of this assertive and motivated person.
I need to get back to her.

I just don’t want to become a b#tch and become that person everyone hates.
I want to exert my power and leadership and also be well liked.
I want to be driven and focused and be that person that still turns heads and gets people talking but not in a negative way.


So thanks to this list I have decided from now on I am not going to continue to hide my inner boss b#itch. Perhaps that will help with my anxiety and other issues.

I don’t want to be mean, but I do need to be more assertive and confident.

All the people I admire and look up to have that quality about them. That confidence to just be… them.

I know I have that too. She tries to come out and slay. She wants to bring it, she wants to be the boss.

Time to let her out to roam and not care about what people think.
I mean deep down, that is what I would do anyway, right? I mean isn’t that what being a boss b#tch is all about?

Shout out to all the boss b#tches out there!
Thanks for being an inspiration!


I leave you with some songs that wake our, well mine at least, inner boss








One comment

  1. Beautiful! I think that spending the past 5 years primarily alone, without a social or love life & forced to focus almost entirely on myself, my health & also, my Mom & her health…I think that this has made me into the best version of myself. I’ve never been more confident, in spite of the fact that I have weight to lose, I’m not getting attention or validation from the opposite sex & I still don’t have my shit fully together. I’ve never been more self-aware AND self-assured. Because I’ve had to become my own best advocate, because I’ve been forced to fight for my health, because I’ve spent so much time alone with myself & because I’m filled with such gratitude to have made it on my own & I’m not depressed or sad or feeling “less than,” I have gained my backbone. I am assertive. I am team Casi. I love myself completely. This is not something that we can simply say & hope for. It comes with time, determination, experience & making the consicious choice to have the balls to be about it.

    You’ll get there, my friend. First thing you can do is stop with the bullshit thinking that everyone needs to like you. I promise you that if you keep that mindset, you will not get where you want to be & you’ll only have yourself to blame .Thus, you will have self-sabotaged & that only feeds the monster that keeps you feeling insecure & not enough. It is only important that YOU like you, and your loved ones like you. With regard to your professional life, you need only be respected. Some will like you, some won’t. That is not in your control. Stop looking outside of yourself for validation & love. And since you admire us ladies who are “boss bitches,” it only stands to reason that others will admire you for being the same.



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