Snapchat Discover is a game changer



So I admit it.

I love Snapchat.
I use it more than any social media.
It is personal and fun.

I love how it feels like a quick glimpse into your family or friends day.
It is like you’re sharing their day with them without even being there.

I love the privacy of it.
No one is on my account that I don’t want.
I can send private snaps when needed and they disappear.
Now, granted there is the whole screenshot issue that we have all heard about.
I don’t worry about that though because I trust those I send things to.
I would never send anything I wouldn’t possibly going public to someone I didn’t trust.

So yes, Snapchat is a lot of fun.

The best part of Snapchat though, is definitely Snapchat Discover.

I love it. No, like seriously. It is just so cool!
It is fun and informative.

I actually look forward to the stories that are on Discover.
The first stories I go to are Wall Street Journal, Vox, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Fusion, Vice and then I hit up Cosmo, Sweet, People and Refinery 29. I also view National Geographic and MTV.
As the Discover feature grows I view more and more.
The same with my growing list of friends that are joining the Snapchat community. The number of stories are increasing and as that happens more of my time is spent on the social media app.

I have now integrated Discover into my morning routine. It is the equivalent of my morning paper.
On the weekends I wake up and lay in bed reading/watching the Discover posts.
On the weekdays it is hit or miss but I hate missing them because they are usually so interesting.
I am probably just outside of the demographic that they are targeting but it still pulled me right in.

I love that Snapchat has found a fun interesting way to give us our daily dose of news, fun facts and celeb gossip.

I have a feeling this is beginning of the future of how we might receive our news and information.


Way to go Snapchat.


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