Please Kindly Go Away, I’m introverting



Yes! There are times where I wish I could walk around holding a sign.
A way of letting people know when I am “introverting”.
I am usually so outgoing and social but there are times where literally I just want to be alone and need to recharge.
There are times where I just am off, and not really wanting to deal with people and put on my normal face.


Whether it be stress, depression or whatever I tend to have my moments of “shut down”.

People tend to see me as this bubbly open happy person…. 

and sure, that is who I am. At least who I aspire to be.

I also have this other part of me. This introvert who lives inside. This anxious, uncertain, scared part that at times becomes dominant.


adventure time nervous bmo anxious


So yes, there are times when I truly do wish I could wear an “out of order” sign letting people know that it is not them, I am handling my own demons and sorting out my brain so I can continue to be that person people expect to see.


theCHIVE excited yes thumbs up theberry


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