Hello December 2015, where did you come from so quickly?

Seems like it was just June. Hell, seems like it was just the year 2000.
Time seems to just seep effortlessly by without a care for my wanting it to move at my pace.

I am so far behind in life, from where I want to be, or where I thought I would be.
I have set so many goals and fallen short, or never even began.
This year has been a rough one financially and mentally.
Growth hurts, even though afterwards you feel so much better.
I have had a year of enlightenment I guess you could call it.

There have been so many setbacks and failures.
It has been difficult to stay balanced and focus on forward momentum when there is something always going wrong, from big things like major car issues and lost camera equipment to small things like to temporarily misplacing my glasses.

I am learning how to “adult” now more than ever.

queen star wow story wars
I guess up until these last few years I was just going through the motions skating on thin ice not aware that at any moment that ice could break.
Well, it did and I am shoulder deep in ice cold water treading away trying my best to stay afloat. Will things get better? I am going to be optimistic and say yes.
Though year after year when December rolls around I keep telling myself this next year is going to be better, I am finally going to stay motivated and get further than I have ever before.

whatever carol burnett eye roll the carol burnett show


Perhaps, just perhaps, after what I will call a “year of awareness and growth”, I can actually set things in motion to do just that.

Hello December 2015. I welcome you. I am ready for the reflection that you bring, and the ability to look back and begin fixing and preparing to start this upcoming New Year off on a positive note.

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