In front of a camera

I am a photographer and hold steadfast to the photographer fave when asked about photos
“Oh no, I much prefer being behind the camera.”
I have really even stopped taking pics of myself (unless you count my Snapchat posts, which doesn’t count in my world. Once it hits the other social platforms it counts… lol). I used to snap selfies way more frequently than I do now.
It seems as of late I do not like photos of myself. I never really did but lately it has been getting worse. Not sure why. Age? Getting used to my natural locks still? (Even though it is finally starting to grow!) Whatever it is I am just not comfortable in front  of a camera. I am quite awkward actually. Which actually makes sense since I am a bit awkward anyways.
Well I decided to step out of my comfort zone and get some photos taken of myself other than with my cell phone.
I wanted some nice ones since I haven’t had any in a while. I also wanted to professionally document my hair journey. It has been a fun journey that has tested my patience and sanity, but we are working it out, me and this hair of mine.

So I contacted my friend Jamie who owns 616 Design Studio and Deux Cheeks Eyewear   and she was happy to oblige. I love her work and knew I would be please with the outcome.

Sure enough I was!
Thank you Jamie so much for these photos!


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