NKOTB – Grand Rapids

Saw my boys again on May 30th at the Van Andel Arena here in GR.

We had third row seats which was exciting. Until we actually got there.
Being short has it’s disadvantages, always. I totally had an obstructed view when we got to our seats. I could not see anything really. I was agitated because I expected a bit better (forgetting that floor seats can be a pain depending). I stood on a chair (even though I knew you weren’t supposed to) so I could see. Sure enough I got asked to get down by security. Then he took a second look with this thoughtful furrow to his brow and asked me and my friend to follow him. Next thing I know we we being escorted up to Top Shelf! I could not believe it. So we got to enjoy the concert right there next to the stage. It was amazing. Only sad thing is my camera ran out of battery, I didn’t have my SD card for Nelly’s set, and the lighting made it very difficult to capture good photos with my cell phone. I soaked in every moment of this experience. I also was not able to bring my pro camera in so I had to drop it off to guest services. My feelings were a bit hurt. I was really wanting to capture some amazing photos of everyone. Thank goodness I had my man’s camera so I was able to get a few images before the battery died (thought I charged the battery but apparently not).
I was so excited that I got to share the night with my sisters, my friends, and my friend’s daughters.
What a great show!!
The line up was just perfect!! I love all three!!
Nelly was the perfect hype man to get the show going. Perfect way to start a party off!
Then TLC came out and they added just that much more energy and excitement to it all.
Then finally my boys came out and tore it up!! They were on fire in Grand Rapids!!
I loved every moment!
I just hope I don’t have to go long without seeing them again.
There is this thing called NKOTB withdrawal and I am about to be in the thick of it this coming up week.
What an amazing experience.
Man, I just cannot get over the good things that happened to us. So thankful! So humbled!

These were taken with my boyfriend’s Sony Alpha a6000

These are photos from my cell phone.

Dedicated to G.M.P.
1.7.78 – 10.26.12
Thank you!


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