NKOTB Chicago May 24, 2015

There was a lot of back and forth and uncertainty but at the last minute my bff and I wound up at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill, Sunday night at the Main Event Concert!!
Those of you who know anything about me at all know how much I love my boys!! If I could I would go to way more shows and soak them in as much as I could while I had the chance. Which is one of the reasons Chicago happened.

The show was absolutely fantastic!! I am glad I went before I see them on the 30th here in Grand Rapids.
I have amazing seats for Saturday’s show and seeing them in Chicago just has me more amped for the show here in my city. I was too busy enjoying the concert to snap a lot of pics.
I went to the after party also. Was it worth the money. Meh. If the security would have been a bit more laxed it would have been a lot better. For the pic we had to get in groups of ten (two girls for each guy and of course you want to stand next to your #1) and the group that found us needed a Joe girl (OMG I WAS SOOO PUMPED LOL) but when we got up there someone snuck their way in right in front of me. So I stood next to Danny. Which I was happy about because I have never met him and also he is my sister’s fave. So after the photo I at least wanted to say hey to them all but security rushed me out before I could. Luckily Jon noticed and stopped me to say hey and give me a hug which was awesome. It totally made my night and made it all worth it. I had not met either of the two of them so now I have officially met all 5! I was so happy. I did not get a chance to say anything to Donnie, Jordan or Joe because of how fast things were. I think that the security should at least have allowed a quick hi to all of them as we were moving. Oh well…. such is life.

After they were done with the meet and greet the guys came out and did their thing for a min. Joe and Jordan left pretty quickly. Danny was out in the crowd for a few doing selfies and then it got overwhelming so he stopped. I think he took off shortly after that but I am not sure. Jon was the only one besides Donnie who stayed really and Donnie was the only one on stage of course. Jenny was there. It was cute, I was trying to get the video to work on my boyfriend’s camera all night (lol I never and I finally figured it out when they were being silly. Great timing… lol!! I hate being short. I get bumped into, trampled and pushed so bad. Drunk people are not that considerate or aware and it drives me batty… lol!!

I almost didn’t go to Chicago but I knew it was a once in a lifetime moment and I had to seize it. I am so glad I did. It was an absolute blast!

As I mentioned I am going to see them Saturday May 30, at the Van Andel Arena, and that is when I will have more photos and video to share. There will be a more in depth blog about Nelly and TLC also.


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