Truly… the Wonder Years

In honor of the reunion that happened on 5.29.14 I decided to reblog this entry.
I find it awesome that I wrote this a year ago, almost to the day, that they had the reunion.
I wish they would have done a televised one.
I will settle for footage as a bonus feature when they release the series on DVD. Yes, I will be buying it!!!

Chelle's Blog


I began watching the Wonder Years on Netflix recently and it inspired a blog.
From the moment this show aired it was my favorite show. I saw almost every episode of this show and had a big crush on Fred Savage too.
The show aired my 7th grade year, which coincidentally was the same as on the TV show.
I remember wishing I had a Kevin Arnold that lived on my street. I wanted that puppy love that Winnie shared with him. To me they were the cool kids when in actuality at the beginning of the show they were a bit awkward. As the show progressed of course they made them cooler but that awkwardness never really went away.
I remember as the show progressed Kevin had summer loves, and fun summer adventures, and I could not wait to experience that too. I thought my life was so boring…

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