Simple, yet perfect



Sometimes all we need is that which is pictured above.
Just simple understanding.

I know when I am going through a low, all I need is nurturing. No help, no questions. I want exactly what is in this picture actually.

Just build me a nest, and lay with me. No words… just peace and quiet from the world. I can even be in my nest alone, as long as I have one. Seriously.
There is a certain type of comfort from that. I am not sure what it is, and if it is the same for everyone who goes through depression but I know that for me this is soothing like being swaddled.
Until I saw this photo I couldn’t describe what I needed or wanted exactly. It was a sensation I couldn’t explain.

I saw this pic and was in awe at the simplicity yet perfection that this shows.

I love this! One of the best things I’ve come across.


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