Tony Lucca

Tony and I in 2007 at the Intersection here in Grand Rapids




So I have gotten a few inquires about my support of Tony Lucca throughout the airing of The Voice. People wanted to know why I was such a big supporter, what was with my bombardment of posts regarding him, his music and his run on The Voice. So this is a blog to answer those questions.

Anyone who knows me knows about my appreciation for Tony Lucca. He is my favorite singer and has been for over a decade. If music gets discussed I will without hesitation or thought bring him up and suggest him to any and every one. He literally is my favorite singer, without a doubt. For a number of reasons.

I cannot recall how I discovered him, or when exactly, but I do know when I did I was a fan from that moment on. I remembered him from his MMC days very well, but that is not what made me become a fan. It probably made me listen to his music, but that was about it. Perhaps it was the Britney, NSYNC, Christina tri-fecta that was going on and that trickled down to other cast members (though I didn’t have any clue who Justin, Britney or Christina were due to the fact I stopped watching the show before they were on it). Disney aired a few episodes of the MMC on tv back in like 99 I think, during the height of their alumni’s popularity, and I looked up people on the internet to see “where are they now”, that seems to be my best guesstimate/recollection of how I found Tony’s music.

In 2000 I moved to Orlando pursuing a couple of dreams. Performing, but also marketing and promotions, and just seeing what could happen if I had different opportunities in different locations.

While living in Orlando the TLST formed. What is the TLST? well Tony Lucca Street Team, of course….lol. They put one together in Orlando and I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. I was just a highly motivated and active leader, I liked to consider myself co-VP (or was I actually co-VP with Kerry?) but then the VP moved and I became VP. We would meet, and talk about ways to promote him, how to get him gigs in Orlando and surrounding areas.

That is what did it for me. I already loved his music but then I got to see him live. The energy that is a Tony Lucca gig is unexplainable. He has this quality that is just electric yet calming, you get wrapped up in the energy that is him. His voice encompasses your whole being. It is truly something I feel everyone should have the chance to experience.

He is one of the most humble, respectable, and genuine people, let alone musicians, I have come in contact with. That is what really broke my heart about Christina Aguilera and her condescending, demeaning comments during The Voice. She spoke not of his musicality, or performance, but more personal, and that is something you don’t do. And also as someone who followed him on his musical journey (which is also part of his personal journey) I can safely say she does not know him or his quality or she would have never said some of the things she said. Anyone else in his situation would have snapped, but he kept his cool, and kept it classy, as is his style.

His talent catches your ear and pulls you in, but it is who he is as a person that leaves an indelible mark. That, right there, is why I am still a fan, and supporter, and always will be.



Here are some of my favorite Tony moments on the web… I am not sharing many clips from The Voice because I feel that since it just aired it is fresh in peoples minds and I wanted to show some things that people might not have seen…  



 CONGRATULATIONS TONY on your success on The Voice!! 

originally written May  13, 2012



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