Music-ology (no not the Prince song)

     When I visit my friends we use our cell phones or computers and pull up music. Sometimes it is internet radio, and other times it is a playlist of songs that the owner of the phone has compiled themselves.
     I have been noticing something for years, and it hit sort of a plateau about a month ago while sitting at my friends house.
    While listening to her music on her cell phone a question popped in my head. If someone were to find an mp3 player or cell phone with the persons music library or even internet radio with their tailored stations, if they would be able to draw a conclusion about the owner of the device. I began to ponder if they would begin making judgements about the person. Would they begin to decipher their gender, race, sexual preference etc from listening to to a person’s music library?
    Does our music selection give away our personality? What story does your playlist tell when others listen to it?
      I wonder what someone would think if they came across my playlist and how right they would be.
      Just another random thought that crossed my mind, but how cool would it be to be able to hypothesize about the person and see what you get from the one meeting and how many surface things (gender, race, age, even nationality in some instances) you could figure out!
     I think people should think about that more and try to tell a good story with their music, it is much more interesting to have music that speaks to your soul and tells a story than to follow a trend or listen to something and not have a real reason behind it.
originally written 6.25.12


  1. dependent on how variable the contents of said player were… If you picked up a phone and the only things on there were metallica, megadeth, pantera, etc… I’d go ahead and say you found the device of an older white male (30-40) but if you found celine dion, metallica, boys II men, marilyn manson, nsync…… this would be harder to judge. SOME stereotypes are there for a reason.


  2. yes!! exactly!! I am sure if someone found my music library they would be thrown off a little because my taste is a bit ecclectic… but I have a strong r&b base so who knows… I think there should be a blind study where we can guess things about people based on a selection of songs in their library… that should be a game!!!!


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