In 1989 The All New Mickey Mouse Club aired for the first time. The MGM Studios at Walt Disney World had just opened and I was so excited. I wanted to go to Disney but after that I really wanted to go! I also wanted to audition to be part of what I saw. I saw the cast and felt a couple of things… #1. if they can do it so can I and  #2. I feel like I would fit right in with everyone. I remember the feeling I had as I watched in awe, these kids my age doing what I loved to do, on national tv, and to top it off they got paid for it! How awesome! I was instantly hooked (probably due to my Broadway dreams as a child). I didn’t have the Disney Channel for the first two seasons because it was a pay channel, but I was glued to the TV for their free preview weekends they used to have a couple times a year. I begged my grandparents to get Disney and they finally did for a while till I stopped watching, which was sometime during the 5th season.

When they held auditions for the 4th season I tried my hardest to convince my grandparents to drive me to Chicago. They said no because it was too far away for them to drive (I convinced myself that if I had younger parents they would have taken me… lol… ah the mind of a 12/13 year old).  Now I am not sure what would have happened if I would have auditioned, I may or may not have made it. The talent on there was superb and I don’t think I was quite at that caliber. Still, never knowing has always bothered me, which I think is apparent by this blog… lol.

It is rare to find something like the Mickey Mouse Club, that is one of those things I think that is often imitated but never duplicated. There was something so special about it. Perhaps it was the Disney “magic” from being filmed on Disney property? Who knows. All I know is that there doesn’t seem to be anything like that out there for children, and hasn’t been since. It was a once (twice if you count the ’50s version) in a lifetime thing. There were a couple of other children’s sketch comedy/variety type shows that were out at the same time or after but they pale in comparison. The spark just wasn’t there.
Thanks to the wonder of the internet and Youtube I can now watch clips of episodes and when I do it is like a time warp to much simpler time and I love it. Though at the time my life actually was anything but simple (see earlier blog posts… lol). The Mouse Club was one of the things that brought happiness to my life and gave me something to look forward to.  I cannot picture my life without it. Thank you MMC!
I bought my Mouse Ears with my name sewn in the back in 2000, and it wasn’t till 2007 that I realized I had not taken a picture with them. (gotta love the super big cheesy grin! LOL!)
This is the season that sticks out the most in my mind… they added the new cast members and The Party was  my favorite group at the time (besides NKOTB of course) but I had been watching since the first season…
I could not find a cast photo so I added the intro 🙂
The Party was my favorite group… I had every album and single… this was their first single off their debut album (and a big crush on Damon Pampolina…. lol)
originally written 4.17.12

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