Live Like We’re Dying

One of my life’s mottos is live each day to the fullest and live life with no regrets.

I have always had a spontaneous and adventurous nature. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, but I have been lucky and blessed in most instances.

I have done some silly things that could have resulted in disaster. I have been in two major car accidents and survived. Death has always frightened me, and has always given me this day to day aspect of thinking.

I think my fear of death, along with my chaotic early years, has actually heightened my need for spontanaity and living by the seat of my pants.

There is nothing like that feeling of adrenaline when a wild fun idea comes to mind and you have the option of doing it though it might not be the best choice and deciding to do it anyway. You end up having the time of your life, or having a huge regret. But wouldn’t you rather do something and regret it that way at least you say you could (keep in mind safety and common sense here… LOL!!!!) than not and have to wonder what if?

YOLO (you only live once) has become one of the most popular acronyms on social websites. While sometimes it is used frivolously, with abandon, and too often, the meaning behind it is good. This is the one life we have. So why not go for your dreams? Take risks that put you out of your comfort zone? Don’t be afraid of the what if when it comes to something you want out of life. Be afraid of the what if that is there after you have the opportunity and it passes you by.

I believe if you really truly want something positive and worth going for and you have the chance you should do it. Live life with no regrets, but live it with wisdom….

This is the song that inspired this entry…

originally written 5.12.12


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