A Day in the Life…

I love being a paraprofessional. I cannot wait to be a teacher. It is something that I know I want… and today was one of those moments that just makes it evident.

This morning was a bit high on the stress meter. On top of spring fever settling in with the little ones we had a little girl vomit all over herself and of course she started to cry, as any four year old would. Getting sick at school has to be scary for the little ones. I picked her up being careful not to get any on me and quickly carried her down to the nurses office. I cleaned off her clothes and nearly got sick from the smell, which never happens. As I was tending to her and making sure she was alright it sunk in I was meant for this. It also made me realize I can handle being a mother and how much I want both.

Being an educator you have to have a lot of patience. They are not your children, so you have to be careful, cannot lose your cool at all. It is all about patience, and meeting the needs of the children. Nature/nurture comes into full effect and it is the responsibility of educators to ensure they are happy, well adjusted and learning in a positive environment.

That should carry on into the child’s home life. As a parent that is the most important job, and almost the only job. All that matters is that child and their happiness, their self worth, their understanding of the world and how they fit in. Parents tend to lose patience a lot quicker because they deal with their child 24/7 and that is a bit overwhelming and burdensome. Granted it can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Today I found that out.

I love my job, even on the days I don’t want to get out of bed, or when the kids are out of control, I love what I do and wouldn’t trade that for anything.

I think the same can apply to parenting. On the worst of days it is important to remember have patience, and understanding. As a parent that is what you are, that is all you are, a teacher.

What are some of the tricks that you have seen or done that help when you are reaching your limit? Either as a teacher, or as a parent? How do you handle stress? Have you learned a lot about yourself through the eyes of a child?

originally written 3.23.12

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