Dear Lover


The day after Christmas the music world lost a great.

Teena Marie was discovered by Rick James her voice was a force to be reckoned with. She was his lover as well as his musical protege

I remember my mother listening to Rick James and hearing her voice for the first time. I was very young, probably 4, and she was absolutely amazing to me. I remember the clarity, the force, the pureness that is her voice coming through those speakers in my parents basement and just listening in awe. I listened to her from then on… I even had her recent album Star Child. I used to try and emulate her voice, I thought she was amazing.

Teena Marie deserved so much more accolades and attention than what was given to her. The life she led, the brilliance of her voice, they all deserve a place in music history.

To me this is a passing of another legend. Her voice echos in my head and soothes me with memories of listening to her voice bellow through the speakers and resonate through the whole house.

I wonder if we will ever have such singers again…






originally written 1.30.11


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