August 25, 2001

Most Americans that are old enough to remember probably all associate 2001 with the events that happened on September 11. Not to belittle the events of that day or undermine in any way but that made me angry more than sad. I have a whole different feeling about that day than sadness and worry. That is another subject for another blog though… back to this one… lol.

A day that sticks out just as much and in a more sorrowful way is August 25th. The day that Aaliyah was tragically killed in a plane crash (as I type this there is a big ball in my throat that is very hard to swallow, it was very difficult to type that)

I remember it as though it were yesterday and it was ten years ago today.

I remember the panicked AOL instant message I got from my online friend about the plane crash, and telling her not to believe it until it is officially announced. I remember pacing my apartment back and forth waiting to find out the truth. I remember sitting at 1 something in the morning when they officially announced it on MTV News. I was in shock, and disbelief. I still was trying to convince myself they were going to retract it, and that she was still alive and it was all fake. I waited all day actually, and just was like any minute they are going to say they were wrong, but it never happened.

I remember the eerie feeling I got remembering watching MTV Diary a week before and laughing at her and her friends and how much fun, and how much life she had. The fact that I knew names from the show when they said who was on the plane with her.

I think it was a Friday because there was really nothing more about it till Monday night when BET did a special and talk about her and everything. I had lost my job and didn’t have money to pay the cable bill so my cable was cut off that Monday morning. I was sooo frustrated!! I had my friend record everything for me so I could see it. I remember the state of depression I went into, how I barely moved from my apartment, let alone my bed for nearly two weeks. It hit me hard, very hard. I still am not really sure why, but her death had a big effect on me.

Aaliyah was such a light, just so pure and in tune, like a tuning fork. I loved everything about her, she was sexy without being raunchy, classy without being a snob, smart without being a nerd, and street without being ignorant and ghetto. That is a rare thing, a beautiful thing. That to me is a real woman. Someone who knows how to carry themselves in a positive light without being too squeaky clean and self righteous.

I wonder how music would be had she lived, had been able to make more music. I wonder how females would dress, act, and portray themselves if she were still around. Something to ponder…

her music is the soundtrack to my most important years….

this came out in 1994 when I just started driving and cruising around with my friends. I remember driving around during the summer to this tape… it was part of my summer soundtrack that year

when One in a Million came out in 1996 it was in my stereo 24/7…. I listened to that album all the time! It was my favorite cd. That is when Aaliyah became one of my all time faves, one of my idols. She was amazing to me… I saw interviews on BET and learned a little more about her and I remember liking her more and more.

this song I learned and sang from my soul… I used to sing this and think I was really doing something… ROFL!!!

I had this on a mix cd and on my first drive up to GR for Christmas after I moved Orlando this song came on when I hit 54th street on 131 North. I cried and then I saw downtown GR and got butterflies and chills… it felt so good to be home and this song just made it that much more magical.

Romeo Must Die was in my DVD player often… and this song was in my stereo even more…

When Aaliyah came out I bought it that day… was so excited!! We Need a Resolution was hot and I was also VERY excited that Rock the Boat was going to be her new single because that was one of my favorite tracks on the album. Now I watch this video with a solemn heart missing one of my favorite artists…

R.I.P Aaliyah Dana Haughton

January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001

written 9.1.11


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