An old poem

rummaging through Myspace today and started reading my blog… I found this poem I wrote for my boyfriend around his birthday. I thought it was very interesting to see where I was then and know where I am now. I have grown a lot and overcome so much of what was holding me back. That makes me feel very good… and to know that I still love him just as deeply, if not more, is also a fantastic feeling.

 written December 4, 2008 (his birthday is the 7th)

Your kisses make me weak
Your touch makes me quiver
You take my breath away
My soul cries out for yours
When you are gone I feel that part of me missing
Your piece of the puzzle fits perfectly
I never knew a love so true until you
This love scares me
It is the love that you read about
The kind you dream about 
I hid my heart behind a wall but you knocked that wall down
I hid my feelings 
I pretended not to care
The more I pretended the more it hurt 
The more it hurt the more I wanted to run
The more I ran the more you were right there in stride with me
I stopped running, I gave up on pretending 
I decided to let love win
My love for you grows stronger each day
My heart is now vunerable and exposed
You hold it in your hands
I love you
I love you more than I can comprehend at the moment
It’s overwhelming
It’s powerful
It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever felt in my life
I want to feel this way forever. 
The delicious feeling of real, true, love.
Thank you




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