A black woman and her hair… the price we pay

As I looked at my hair in dire need of a professional hand I started thinking.

If I were white or another race that didn’t require so much hair maintenance would I go to the salon as much?

As a black woman with a relaxer my hair is a chore to maintain myself and have it look it’s best. I could go out and get a relaxer kit for less than $10 blow dry my hair and flat iron it as best I can and it still does not compare to getting it professionally done. Not to mention I buy the really good shampoos and conditioners that cost a little bit more money.

I do go to the beauty supply places so it is a bit cheaper but still I find myself spending $10 for the conditioner and a little less for the shampoo. That isn’t even that bad actually. I have seen some shampoos and conditioners that are $20 and up! So doing it at home adds up also.

Then there is the salon. To go to the salon the way I want to I would be spending about $25- $30 every two weeks and then about every 8 weeks I would be shelling out $80 on a relaxer. So every other month I would be paying for a wash and style and then two weeks later go back and get it relaxed.

Oh and I am not even going to talk about the regular eyebrow waxing and the occasional manicure or even a mani/pedi.

I enjoy looking my best, it helps me feel my best. When my hair is done, my eyebrows waxed, and my nails neat and polished I tend to feel a bit better and carry myself with a bit more confidence.

So until I decide to go natural and cut my hair super short I will have this expense. I wish I didn’t… I wish I could just “wash and go” and sometimes I do. That is always a hit or miss though… sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. Then how about when I want my hair straight? Yep… it’s a struggle… and one I secretly enjoy… lol


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