Memorial Services, Babies, recitals and throwing cameras

I always figured it would happen… I heard it in my head, and just wondered how it would feel when actually asked. Well finally last week at Chris’ great-aunt’s memorial service it came up multiple times. “So when are you two going to have babies?”… I was asked that three times that day. Don’t get me wrong, I have been asked that before, but never when Chris was around. It struck a chord in me that has been humming for a while. We both were affected, and we both answered with we want kids so hopefully soon. Didn’t go into detail or anything, just kind of politely answered and moved on. The marriage topic inevitably was brought up at the memorial service. Again, I have been asked that but never with Chris around, and if so it was lightly brought up and so we could answer lightly. This time it was family, and they were being sincere. Another awkward moment we both handled, and said we want to and hopefully it will happen.

Went to the dance recital for the dance studio I danced at. It is now owned by one of the former students and I am so proud of her! Watching the recital brought back so many wonderful memories of my recitals and how much fun and exiting it all was. I began truly missing dance and decided to sign up for a hip hop class so next year. Despite bursitis I am going to do this, I miss dance too much not to.

My camera has been such a pain in the ass lately and it is quite aggravating. There have been instances of me just wanting to throw it and just not care. It is not focusing correctly and it is just time for an upgrade. The recital really was the boiling point with me but I have to wait to save money for a new one. For now my current camera will suffice but I am definitely in the market for a new one!

I figured that this fit well considering the mood I was in

originally written 5.30.11


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