another one I wanted to share again…

Chelle's Blog

Originally written 5.19.08

Little girl with the sparkle in her eye
So much hope but every night she cries
So much hurt for such a young child
Wondering where she belongs, wanting to fit in
Always feeling as though she was infereor
Seeing people around her believing they were so much better
Admiring people who had the boldness to go out and just do
Being torn between two homes and having to decide
When she was not at one for the other she would cry
Never having anyone to hold her up
Never having anyone tell her that she is wonderful
One person was her rock, her strength
He let her know how wonderful she was, and encouraged her dreams
Unfortunately his postivity did not outweigh the negative
So into a funk she sank
A ten year old child with the weight of the world on her shoulders
Tears fell…

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