Taming the Beast


There is a proverbial “beast” that lives in all of us I think.

When we are younger it’s very dominant, very primal, ready to attack at a moments notice.

As we mature that tends to subside and give way to more rational behavior and thinking.

Situations are easier to handle because you learn and grow, and eventually the “beast” slumbers.

Sometimes people put their “beast” to bed too early and without a good meal so the slightest disturbance awakens it and of course it is not happy after being woken from a sound slumber. It grumbles, growls, and attacks the unsuspecting person without reason or just cause.

It as if all reasoning leaves and you sit back and let this other creature take over when this happens. You have no way of shutting off any impulse and the aftermath can be compared to carnage left after the assault. Like turning into a werewolf and waking up after not knowing what happened.

I think that this occurs as a result of repressed emotions and such that are left from previous events that we never get over initially. We might think we have gotten over something but inevitably it sits and festers and waits for what it feels is a prime moment to resurface and rear it’s ugly little head.

So I have come to the conclusion that repressed emotions do nothing but hinder and hurt.

Make sure to deal with whatever emotion you are feeling head on and get over it as quick and efficiently as possible. You cannot ignore, or skim over issues because they sit and hibernate all while waiting for a twig to break and unleash their wrath.

If you have nurtured and taken care of the issue as needed when the twig breaks it’ll just be a quiet snap that stirs the “beast” but doesn’t wake it.

If you chose to pretend that everything is fine and that things don’t bother you or that you are stronger than what you actually are that twig will sound like a tree and that beast will wake ferociously. It will be angry because it is tired, now that it is awake it’s in need of nourishment. That nourishment is the emotional equivalent of blood to vampires. It takes vital elements away and leaves whoever was in the way weak, drained and on the verge of death on an emotional level.

Self awareness without any pretense or ego is the best food for the “beast”… it will open your eyes, make you view things differently, and will keep the “beast” from attacking.


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