I Choose to be Love


Ugly, short, weird, wanna-be

why you dress that way?

why you talk that way?

you think you better than us?

you trying to act like you not one of us?

are you ashamed of who you are?

you don’t like the color of your skin?

trying to fit in with them?

they see your skin, they know you ain’t them

they smile in your face and laugh at yo ass the minute you walk away.

go on, be their fool, the joke.

oh if only I could tell them

I dress this way because I like to

I talk this way because it is the correct way to talk

and that is how I was taught…

I do not think I am better than anybody, if anything I have a self deprecating nature

I love my culture, my heritage, I love my skin, and wear it with pride, and honor…

Oh how I wish I could fit in and be what you consider “one of us” instead of an outcast

I am just nice to everyone,

I fit in where people let me, where I am comfortable, where I am accepted

Sure, there are snickers, and jokes, remarks and stares. But don’t I get the same from my own? Am I not shunned, even worse by my own people who are supposed to accept me with open arms and open mind?

If I had it my way I would elevate, expand and deepen everyones way of thinking.

To see the beauty in everyone, in everything, and to accept each others differences and embrace one another for those differences and realize that though we are different we are all so much alike that the differences vanish once you get to the heart of the person.

Why be one dimensional?

Why have a closed way of viewing the world around us?

Wouldn’t you want to explore?

Know all you can? Absorb every bit of every ounce of everything presented to us?

Why have a chip on your shoulder that you cannot truly justify?

No, seriously, stop, truly think, feel, and open your mind and heart.

Is there a true reason, a true justification behind such closed ways, such coldness?

Has someone taken your shine? Your ability to achieve?

Has someone stole your pride? Your dignity?

Have you been wronged to the core of your being?

Not just words, not just ignorance begetting ignorance…

but true utter soul wrenching reasons to be bitter?

If not, then STOP!

Open your mind, your heart, your eyes to the world around you, and be love…

being love is a whole lot better than being hate…

and that is what I choose, I choose to be love

originally written 11.10.10


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