First Haiti… Now Chile

I was kinda quiet when Haiti was ravaged with the 7.0 earthquake on Jan 12th. I was indifferent about it… kinda as though I expected it. I cried, wished that the people there were spared such a terrible tragedy, but in the back of my mind I was irritated because it felt like just the beginning. Just the tip on the iceberg.

Then this morning Chile gets hit with a massive 8.8 earthquake that is one of the strongest on record since 1900. The result has caused a tsunami that could hit Hawaii. The damage has not been assessed as of yet and the tsunami has not hit so we do not know what is in store.

I am irritated, mad and just plain heartbroken now. To me this just goes hand in hand with a plethora of ideas and thoughts that float through my head.

The first being the plight of this planet and the damage that it can unleash as a result of natural and unnatural changes in Earth. We do have some responsibility for the natural disasters. Global warming has an effect on everything around us. As the climate changes so does the terrain and the way earth moves. Warmer oceans mean bigger storms, hence Katrina. As the glaciers melt and change it can cause the crust to rebound at a more rapid rate and that might be putting more stress on the faults and also having an effect on volcanoes as well.

Now it is NOT all global warming. Earth is also changing naturally, getting warmer and eventually colder again. It is just the nature of the beast.

Is it too late? Not sure… damn close, but probably not.

Now is the time to be proactive and get out there to do what we can while we can. It might not be much, might not even make a difference but even coming together for a common cause will make a difference I feel.

We all need to start thinking globally, literally. See this thing we walk, drive, eat sleep and completely take advantage of as more. Earth is what keeps us alive.

As these natural disasters happen we need to take a proactive stance and it takes EVERYONE coming together and doing their share. Will that happen? Nope… but the more we inform people it will make more of a difference.

Ignorance does not solve a thing. We have the Internet which is the best tool around to learn ANYTHING. It is time to educate yourself with as much information about everything from religion and the pros and cons and the state of the world and the universe and just everything pertaning to humans. We need to see ourselves as a unit… the human species, no more division, but that day is still sooo far away.

I do think that if we drop the religious and racial and ethnic prejudices we would be more united as a species and thus accomplish more.

Here are some links…

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originally written 2.27.10


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