What is Cool?

Originally written 1.29.09

New blog assignment courtesy Aris 🙂 Gracias hermana!

What is cool? That conjurs up a lot of images, ideas, people, concepts and events.
What is cool to one person might not be cool to another.
Cool is all a state of mind, a person’s opinion. It is no so much fact as it is truly an opinion.
Everyone’s idea of cool varies, it depends on our environment, on our values, on our peers.
We gravitate toward people with the same interest, same ideas, and same values.
That is a big part of bonding as a child. You think something is cool, someone else thinks something cool so you hang out. If someone doesn’t like the same things you do then you make fun of them for being different. What is cool as a child or teenager can make or brake you. If you don’t fit in you can be scared for life. It isn’t cool to be different at first and that just stifles our individuality and uniqueness. It’s actually kind of sad.
It isn’t until we are adults that we truly are ourselves and stop letting trivial things keep us boxed in.
Then being cool is being different, standing out is what attracts people. Having your own identity is cool. No one wants to hang out with a clone.
Cool is a state of mind, it’s something from within that comes out.
Cool is what we make it.

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