The Worst Part of Nice

Written 1.15.09

Ok so Ani and I were chatting and we decided that we would challenge each other with writing this week… and maybe even for future blogs.
Her assignment she gave me was to write about the worst part of nice.
The worst part of nice? How can nice have a worst part? Easily.
First if you are nice and come across a certain way you are seen as a pushover. You are seen as a doormat. “Ask her, she’ll say yes”, and if you don’t you are seen as wrong, or mean. Nice can come across as fake, phony, unreal. Some people don’t know how to take nice. It can also come across as naieve, immature because “how can someone be so nice when so much is wrong with this world?”, some people just have a permanent chip on their shoulder.
Nice also has a worst part because of how it makes you feel inside. You might not want to be nice, you might not want to be polite but it just comes out that way because of the overwhelming need to please people. You could have been trained to be nice no matter what so even when you should stand up for yourself and take more pride you back down and figure that you are being “nice” by backing out of a confrontation that you know you should get involved in. Why not defend yourself? Why not stand up for your feelings and what you believe in? Is that being too nice? Not so much, it’s being a coward, but it feels like you are just being nice at the time.
There has to be a happy medium somewhere.
Now there is the opposite of that. What’s the worst part of hate? Well first and foremost hate isn’t really hate.
Hate is insecurity, jealousy, envy, hurt, dissapointment, uncertainty and even love. Anger is a secondary emotion, it is proven. There is always an emotion that comes before anger, and any psych student will know that. I think that hate too is a secondary emotion. You cannot hate without an emotion coming before it. So I think that instead of hate, take a step back, think, and realize what caused you to feel that. See what you felt before hate, take that and figure it out. Work it out and stop the hate. Wow… ok… I just went off in a whole ‘nother direction… lol.
It is late, I am sleepy for once and I could continue on this tangent but I digress.
Untill another day…. peace


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