My City… Grand Rapids! (6.26.08)

photo credit: Robert Pearson
photo credit: Robert Pearson

This post was originally written June 26, 2008

I looked up Grand Rapids on youtube 😀

I tried and tried to find a decent video of the dang city but alas… I could not.

this is our famous sculpture Le Grande Vitesse better known here in GR as “The Calder” done by renowned artist Alexander Calder

The Calder or the correct name La Grande Vitesse
“The Calder” or the correct name La Grande Vitesse

I found this vid which is aiiiight… I suppose… Imma just put my OWN vid together one day 🙂

wooot wooot!! Yesterdog!!

I swear my friends and I used to do this same shit as teens!!! Meijer is da SHIZNIT!!

this is winter in GR!

oh… and of course in honor of summer fun… Grand Haven!


I could not imagine growing up any place else. As a kid in the 80’s and a teen in the 90’s there really wasn’t much to do here so I thought it was boring. I had dreams of Broadway and stardom so I was ready to bolt at a young age and move to NYC or LA. I had no appreciation for the city or Michigan. As I grew and matured that changed, and so did my lovely city.  It has grown leaps and bounds and our downtown went from being dormant to vibrant, alive and fun. I am so glad to be from Grand Rapids, and I would not change it for the world.


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