A Person’s Value

Originally written 1.21.09

ok this is the second assigment from Ani… man she comes up with good topics!

A person’s value is defined in many different ways. It starts with the family first though. Your household is the first sense of value, of worth, of what is right and wrong that everyone gets. Your parents values are your values as a child and as we grow and learn they change to what we feel is more appropriate if needed. Parents instill values in their children without even realizing it sometimes. It isn’t until we get older that we distinguish between our parents values and what we want as our own person.
Growing up as a child the values I learned were to get an education, be successful in whatever endeavors I chose and be an upstanding citizen. I was told to conduct myself with class and never let anyone lessen my worth. Unfortunately as I got older those two kind of fell off and I ended up making some poor decisions that inadvertently have effected my life. I was too stubborn to uphold the standards set for me, to see the value of my worth and I ended up settling for whatever path came my way.
My family and their standards became a heavy burden that I began to ignore. It was easier to succumb to the pressure of my environment and thus I guess you could say I fell off for a long time. It wasn’t until recently that I began to know who I was again, to wake up and begin fighting for my values that I had so long abandoned.
A person’s value can either be instilled from birth, or it can be something that they grasp and learn on their own. I think that sometimes learning your own value is a little more rewarding than having the values already in place and having to live up to them. You appreciate yourself more if you have to find out your values on your own with no one there putting any pressure on you.
What defines a person’s value? We as individuals define our own values. We decide what we want in our lives, what type of person we want to be, what our standards are. No matter what we may have been taught as a child or where we may have been raised it is all within ourselves as we grown and become our own person what values we want. We chose what we value, we chose what is in important to us. Our standards are set by us, our peers, and our environment. Ultimately though it is all us, we make the decisions that define our values and thus our worth as a person.
We all have a certain capacity, a certain level that we could reach, something to strive for and when we fall short our values change. Potential and value go hand in hand I think. If you know your potential and shoot for that and nothing less then you will never lessen your values for anyone. Strive for the best and be the best you that you can be.
Remember, if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.
As if I haven’t heard that a million times… lol…


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