A Day of Reflection

Written on MLK Jr. Day 1.19.09

Martin Luther King, Jr Day.
A day of reflection. A day of remembering the struggle of our people, the battles that were fought, both peacefully and unfortunately violently. To remember that we have made leaps and bounds from the time of slavery to Jim Crow laws and now we have a mulatto president. We have come a long way but there are still so many things holding us back. Mainly it is our own thoughts, hang ups, and ignorance on a lot of issues. It is sad that some of our black men feel that they have no hope for themselves other than slangin and making the best of what they see in front of them. There are so many resources and opportunities out there at every ones disposal and not everyone knows about them. Any American citizen has the right to a good education, the same jobs the same neighborhoods, the same luxuries. So how come so many people hold themselves back because they think it’s not possible?? It’s not even a race issue really as much as a social issue. If you come from a certain place, you tend to have certain thoughts and ideas that come from your environment. That is not good, not healthy. People need to broaden their minds and realize the potential they have, and how much they can achieve.
Dr. King’s dream was that everyone came together, that black people would finally be treated as equals, not as a lesser being. That we all could come together and live life peacefully. We have come a long way, but there are still issues that we have to get past. So many people, of every race have hang ups, misconceptions and misunderstandings. Then there are those that live up to the stereotypes, that feed peoples ideas, misconceived notions of everyone. It is sad, but true. We all need to stop pre-judging (hence the word prejudice) and take a look inward. Take our lives and learn how to help each other, how to build positive from negative. How not to look at one another as the enemy. The genocide that has taken over our black communities is not what our ancestors wanted. I mean could you see Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Banneker, Malcolm X, or Martin Luther King, Jr supporting this sad state that the black community is in? Our youth killing one another because they see no other way. There are other ways, and it is up to us to show our youth those ways.
Our new president hopefully is the beginning of the light that will bring about positive growth and change, to show youth that you can be whatever you want. To reach for the top and never stop dreaming. That is what he meant by “Yes we can” I think… it was a chant to wake up the nation, to get our blood flowing with faith, with hope, with pride. Something we hadn’t felt in 40 years as a nation! Now is the time to step up and be the great nation that so many people dreamed of.
The racial inequality, the injustice, the prejudice, that all has to end on all fronts. Ignorance breeds contempt and thus we never grow. If we teach each other right then we can grow and then the real change will come.
My grandfather on my father’s side traced his ancestry back to the first slave brought over from Africa. What part of Africa I am not sure and the dates escape my mind at the moment. All I know is that she took the Irish slave masters last name of Johnson and they named her Amanda. Thus began the lineage from which I was born. I think being called “African American” is just another way to segregate and separate. If your family has been here in America for over a century guess what, your AMERICAN!!! We all took over this land from it’s indigenous people so we are all immigrants and foreigners so why separate? Why alienate people because of differences? If you go to any other country it is not as separated as it is here. Just think for a moment…. we are all the same in some way…
Let’s take time to open our minds and broaden our horizons… let’s look past what we see in front of us. Dig deeper and look for the real truth.
Take time out to learn about others history… take time to learn about your own history.
If you don’t learn from the past you are destined to repeat it.

Dr. Martn Luther King, Jr
Dr. Martn Luther King, Jr

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